Introducing Quotey Smart Apps

New Quotey Smart Apps

Last week we launched a major upgrade to Quotey for commercial insurance brokers across Canada.

One of the major upgrades is the inclusion of Smart Apps, which will help brokers transform the way that they collect relevant information from their clients in order to make high quality submissions to market.

Quotey Smart Apps now cover 576 types of businesses (operations) across 21 verticals and this number is growing all the time.

What is a 'Smart App'?

A Smart App is where Quotey provides an intelligent set of questions and options for the specific type of business that brokers are sending to market.

As all brokers will know, the key to getting the best response from underwriters is to send a complete, thorough and intuitive application.  An application that recognizes the nuances and specific exposures of the business and will dig into the detail where necessary while supporting an efficient process overall.

Quotey Smart Apps are designed to dynamically support this process so that you can intelligently and easily collect relevant client information and send professional and high quality applications to market.

All of the client information entered into Quotey belongs to the broker, and Smart Apps can be refreshed at any time to save brokers from completing updated apps from scratch every year.

Insurance Brokers will also automatically receive comparable insurer quotes for their clients in relevant insurance verticals, and we’re adding to our list of connected insurers all the time!

What types of business are covered by Quotey Smart Apps?

We’ve been building our Smart Apps for a while, and they now cover off 576 types of business that fall within the following verticals:



Restaurants & Bars

Technology Firms


Beauty & Esthetics

Course of Construction


Commercial Realty

Residential Realty

Student Housing

Vacant Property & Land


Cannabis Retail

Farm & Agriculture

Hobby Farm

Architects & Engineers (new)


Cyber Risks

Food Trucks

Martial Arts

What about other types of business?

If a client doesn’t fit into any of these categories or their associated operations, then Quotey will still support brokers in building an application, just maybe in a slightly less intuitive way.

Quotey will always provide a generic application for brokers to capture the traditionally relevant details of all Canadian businesses.

And don’t forget… in all cases, Quotey will also help brokers in sending clients to market and tracking and managing the process.

How can I learn more?

To find out more about Quotey and how it can help you transform your commercial insurance operations, just click to book a demo.

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