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Compuquote was first released to market more than 20 years ago - isn't it time that Commercial Lines joined the party?

A revolutionary broker solution for commercial lines

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Transforming Commercial Insurance for Brokers

Quotey delivers a range of solutions which transform the way you manage Commercial Insurance.

Improve Lead Management

Keep track of your prospects in Quotey from your first contact until the policy is in place. Quotey will help you manage your pipeline and improve sales efficiency.

Single Smart Application

Stop hunting around to find the right application. Quotey intuitively makes sure you ask the right questions to define client needs and generate great submissions.

Compare Multiple Quotes

Waiting for quotes is a thing of the past and why become a slave to your favorite insurer's portal? Quotey will generate multiple quotes in real time for qualifying clients for you to compare in detail.

Covermatch and Recommendations

Being a broker is tough in 2020. Take the E&O weight off your shoulders by instantly analysing an insurer's quote against your client's needs, boosted by Quotey's unique Covermatch Score.

Marketing Engine

If you don't get instant quotes from Quotey, or even if you do, submit to any other insurer and track responses right from the platform. Quotey takes the pain out of sending to market.

Data, Data, Data

How accessible is your current commercial data? Our guess is it's locked away in PDFs inside your BMS. Codify your understanding of your clients and retain full ownership of your data.

Simple, low pricing

We are rapidly adding features to make Quotey the one and only platform you will need for your commercial operations.

$9.99 / month

All core features included in our low monthly price per user

We are rapidly adding and expanding features so watch this space!

Intelligent Applications

Easily complete a high quality digital application for your client

Multiple Quotes

Receive multiple, real time quotes from participating insurers

Coverage Comparison

Effortlessly compare multiple quotes in detail

Make Recommendations

Quotey's algorithms help point you in the right direction

Automate Marketing

Continue to use all your markets, but organized

Own your own data

All your data is available for you to access at will

"This is the tool we have been waiting for."
David Stark
Senior Broker, Ives Advantage Insurance Brokers
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