Commercial Insurance Solutions

Commercial Insurance Solutions

Transforming the Commercial Insurance World

From digital Smart Apps, to real time quotes from insurers to product coverage and comparison, Quotey is the insurtech solution for commercial insurance that you have been dreaming about. It's finally here. See how Quotey is transforming the way things are done in the commercial insurance world.

Online Commercial Insurance Applications

Stop searching for the right application for your client. Find over 700 businesses listed in Quotey Smart Apps.

Real Time Quotes from Insurers

It can take days or even weeks to get a quote from markets. Get real time Quotes from our panel of insurers.

Product and Coverage Comparison

Brokers want to sell insurance on value, not price, but comparing various packages is timely. See how Quotey compares multiple products in real time.

Beautiful Client Presentations

After receiving quotes in real time, Quotey will produce a beautiful presentation you can send to your client. All with the push of a button.

Digitized Marketing Process

Don't like the quotes you received? Use Quotey as your centralized digital marketing hub.

Teaching New Brokers

So many new brokers, so little time to teach. Quotey provides help tips and guidance throughout to help new brokers learn the trade as they go.

Is Quotey a good fit for your business?

Online Commercial Insurance Applications

Dynamic, online commercial insurance applications for virtually any business.

Easily find the type of business you want to quote

Simply start typing the class of business your client runs in the search bar and it will show up. Quotey has over 700 kinds of businesses listed and we're always adding more, providing commercial insurance solutions for our brokers.

Keep all of your data

Once you have input any information into Quotey, it is there to stay and is yours to do what you want with. Your brokerage owns its data outright so all of your clients' information is kept private.

Complete applications over time

When completing a commercial insurance application for your client, all of the information is automatically saved allowing you to stop and come back to it any time.

Hand off to client

At any point when completing an application with your client, you have the ability to send your client the online application form for them to complete. When they're done, you can then send the application to market.

Real Time Quotes from Insurers

Stop spending your time waiting on markets to get back to you with quotes. Get real time quotes from our panel of insurers.

Get quotes from a list of insurers in seconds

Once you have completed your Smart App application form, just hit the 'Send to Market' button and you'll instantly get a list of quotes from a group of markets.

Quotey Score

Quotey will display the 'Quotey Score' for each market, which is your value for money indicator; this allows you to instantly see which quotes are best for your client.

Find out how Quotey will transform your business

Digitized Marketing Process

Use Quotey to keep track of all your dealings with markets so you can track responses and compare quotes.

Send to insurers directly from Quotey

If you don't like the quotes you received from the live markets, you can send your application to any of the insurers in the list.

Track responses

Once you've heard back from more markets, all of their quotes can be tracked in Quotey.

Compare offline quotes

Once you get more quotes from the offline markets, you can compare them with your other quotes to present to your client.

Product and Coverage Comparison

Quotey simplifies the process of comparing multiple quotes, allowing you to spend less time digging into the details and more time writing business.

Sell on value, not price

The brokers we speak with agree that they want to sell on value and not on price. However, it’s often very difficult to find out where the value is given various insurer packages can be complex and that they differ greatly from one another. Quotey allows you to instantly see all details of the coverage you were quoted for, adding to our suite of commercial insurance solutions.

Write more business, faster

Of course, if you’re working on an $80,000 client, you’ll take the time to pull together a detailed comparison and proposal for that client. However, it’s highly unlikely you’ll find the time to do this for a $5,000 client, let alone a $1,500 client. With Quotey you'll be able to provide the same value for any business, no matter how big or small they are.

Is Quotey a good fit for your business?

Beautiful Client Presentations

How are you presenting quotes to your client? Are you typing out an email? Maybe using a Word doc? Quotey has a much better, more elegant way of creating presentations that will wow your clients.

Compare quotes

Included in the client presentation is the comparison of quotes so your client can see the different coverages and what you are recommending to them.

All white labelled

Quotey has no desire for your client to know that we even exist. All client presentations are white labelled and include only your company's information.

Customize to your liking

Quotey allows you to customize your presentation to include any information you want. Add an About Us page, include a list of your team members, suggest recommended coverages and more.

Teaching New Brokers Commercial Insurance Solutions

With so many brokers on their way to retirement, we realized that the new brokers coming into commercial insurance were struggling to learn the ropes of the industry. Quotey provides useful help tips and advice, guiding new brokers step-by-step through our commercial insurance solutions.

Guidance in real time

As you're completing an application in Quotey, you'll be provided with hints of what to ask your client, giving you more knowledge and confidence in your recommendations to them.

Help tips to guide brokers

Throughout each section of the application form, you'll see Help Tips that are there to guide the broker along. With so many new brokers entering the commercial insurance world, it's difficult for them to learn all there is to know.

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