Joining the Quotey Marketplace is low risk, easy and free!

Transform your underwriting operations

Quotey will save the commercial insurer time by implementing their specific appetite directly into the marketplace. You can stop spinning your wheels declining or quoting unwanted risks and instead focus on what you want to write.

Filter out unwanted submissions

Does anyone pay attention to your appetite guide? Probably not. Quotey will set your appetite where the submissions are happening to automatically decline unwanted risks before they hit your inbox.

Save time on wasted quoting

How much time does your team spend assessing and quoting risks that you don't win? Stop wasting time and begin focusing on the clients that brokers want to bind with you.

Attract new brokers

In this current environment it's hard to stay top of mind. If you're good at what you do as a commercial insurer, brokers will start to notice you on Quotey and will want to reach out and say hello.

Get better data

Are you tired of running your competitive pricing analytics on anecdotal input? Do you suspect you're leaving money on the table? It's about time you found out and Quotey's data will help.

Is Quotey a good fit for your business?

Protect your bottom line

Quotey does not require delegated authority and has been designed to let the commercial insurer fully control their underwriting.

No delegation of authority

Binding authority remains 100% with the participating commercial insurer. Quotey is simply automating the submit and quote process and will present bind requests on request by a broker.

No need to compromise on your underwriting

Set your appetite and rating however you want. There's no need to conform to any standards. Let's not pretend that 5 questions are always enough. Ask what you want, and Quotey will deliver.

Your IP remains securely yours

All underwriting and pricing information remains proprietary to the participating insurer. It is securely hosted and encrypted.

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