Quotey Hack #7: Enabling Your Clients to Digitally Complete their Commercial Insurance Applications

Give your Client the Option to Complete Their Own Digital Commercial Insurance Application

Quotey gives you the flexibility to allow your client to complete some or all of their own commercial insurance application online for those times when your client has too much on their plate to run through the process over the phone. 

Your client can complete the application in their own time and send it back to you when they’re done – saving you time on the back and forth.

At any point while filling out an application, you can hand it off to your client with a click of a button. You can then choose which sections of the application you want to share. Just copy the link and send it off to your client.

Track Responses of Your Client

Once you have handed off the commercial insurance application to your client, they can then pick up from where you left off on their digital application and finish it in their own time; once finished, they can send the completed application back to you, after signing off on the accuracy of the information they input.

You will get a notification when your client has finished, and can then jump straight to the file.

Just click to view any additions or changes they made to their application and jump back in the driving seat!

Is Quotey a good fit for your business?

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