Your Brokers Want You!

Earlier today, we asked a selection of brokers on the Quotey waiting list which Specialty Insurers or MGAs they’d like to see on Quotey.  We didn’t provide any options… just left it to brokers to spontaneously tell us who they felt would be a good fit.

We know that brokers want to see all of their “regular markets” on Quotey, but we were overwhelmed at the level of demand for other solutions.

Over 30 different MGAs and Specialty Insurers were mentioned.

Many MGAs received a number of mentions, including Burns & Wilcox, Premier, Abex, Special Risk, Totten, Cansure, April, Agile, Angus Miller and Markel.  The list doesn’t end there, with strong shout outs for Anderson McTague, Milnco, AM Fredericks, Ches, GroupAssur, SUM, Southwestern Group, TCIM, Lions Gate, PAL, Chutter and a host of others!

This demonstrates just how important the Specialty and MGA market is right now and the amount of heavy lifting it’s doing for our industry.

If you are one of these insurers: please reach out and learn more.  We’d love to catch-up and show you how you can connect your products with no cost and no risk.

If you’re a broker, we’d love to add your thoughts into the mix:

Which markets do you want to see on Quotey?

Finally, we couldn’t resist sharing this quote from a broker who didn’t want to play along and commit to names.  Here’s what they said when asked which Specialty Insurers or MGAs they want to see connected to Quotey:

"Any that are interested in keeping the business I have with them and gaining the business of those that are not on Quotey.  (Same thing stands for the regular markets.)  If you're not plugged in to Quotey - you're going to need to dial back your new business and retention numbers for 2022"

We wont argue with that!


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