Commercial Insurance

Quotey Hack #7: Enabling Your Clients to Digitally Complete their Commercial Insurance Applications Give your Client the Option to Complete Their Own Digital Commercial Insurance Application Quotey gives you the flexibility to allow your client to complete some or all of their own commercial insurance application online for those times when your … Read More

Quotey Hack #6: Keeping Your Marketing List in one Place Stop Wasting Time Searching for Insurer Emails Are you tired of trying to find the appropriate email addresses for specific underwriters?  Do you find yourself wasting time searching through past emails, only to have to do it all over again … Read More

Quotey Hack #5: Teaching New Brokers Guiding New Commercial Lines Brokers Along Quotey provides Help Tips for every question in a client’s commercial insurance application.  You will also be provided with suggestions to ask your client along the way, giving you more confidence in your … Read More

Quotey Hack #4: Product Comparison Sell on Value, Not on Price The brokers that we work with all say the same thing: that they want to sell on value and not on price. But insurer packages are so different from one another which makes … Read More

Quotey Hack #3: Using the Quotey Profits Calculator Stop Guessing! Instead of guessing, use Quotey’s profit calculator! Run through line by line with a client and Quotey will calculate the total for you. Includes all potential standing charges and allows for business growth.  It also supports a … Read More

Quotey Hack #2: Creating Client Presentations Stop Sending Subpar Presentations to Your Clients Are you sending your presentations to your commercial insurance clients by email or created in a Word document?  Quotey saves you time and makes you look like a pro with our client … Read More

Quotey Hack #1: Finding the Right Application for your Client Stop Wasting Time Searching for the Right Application Are you spending too much time searching for the right commercial insurance application for each and every client you deal with? Only to find subpar applications that don’t include all of … Read More

Sandbox Mutual Insurance Joins Quotey Marketplace 

                            Whitby, ON, June 7 2023: Quotey is delighted to announce that it has expanded its commercial insurer marketplace to include Sandbox Mutual Insurance for its commercial lines products.  Effective today, Sandbox’s insurance … Read More

Quotey is the Commercial Insurance Solution that was Built for Brokers for Brokers

Over the last few years, I’ve had the privilege of speaking with hundreds of brokers about Quotey.  Whether chatting in demos, beta testing or in more recent weeks, frequent users of Quotey, there’s nothing better than hearing ideas of how … Read More

Brokers divided on love for insurer portals

Listening to brokers Earlier this year we published a feature, Commercial Brokers: Pick Your Poison, which highlighted the plight of commercial insurance brokers in Canada.  Our verdict was that brokers are faced with only two options when deciding how to … Read More